How to build and run using Maven.

Integrating XLT into a Maven project

Starting with XLT 5.0.x, XLT is published to Maven Central. This facilitates updating the XLT version used in test projects. To integrate XLT into your Maven project, copy and paste the following into your pom.xml file:


For versions before XLT 5.0.x, Xceptance offers a public repository hosting all XLT releases, including their corresponding POM files. To configure your test project to use the Xceptance repository, add the following code to your test project’s pom.xml:


Copying Maven Dependencies

If your test suite is uses external dependencies or libraries, they must be copied into the test suite as part of the compile or package step. XLT does not build the project on the agent machines and therefore does not resolve dependencies there. It simply uploads the test suite to the agent, including the contents of the target directory.

To automatically copy all non-provided dependencies to target/dependency at compile time, add the following snippet to your pom.xml:


This ensures that all dependencies are present when the test suite is about to be uploaded to the agent machines.

Last modified February 6, 2024