How to use Mastercontroller Command Options (Cheat Sheet)

How to make use of different mastercontroller command options.


The mastercontroller is the primary tool for managing the entire load test. It calculates the load distribution, begins and ends the test and also deploys the test suite to all the agentcontrollers. At the end mastercontroller saves the test results on the file system. It can be run making use of the interactive mode, auto mode or non-interactive mode (scripted commands).


  • mastercontroller [<other options>] runs in interactive mode. Any command can be chosen to be executed next.
  • mastercontroller --help displays all the available options and a brief guide about their usage.
  • mastercontroller -auto [<other options>] runs a load test in auto mode by executing all commands automatically.


This will make a load test run in auto mode, in combination with embedded mode.


cd <XLT>\bin
./mastercontroller.cmd -auto -embedded -comment "Test Run" 


cd <XLT>/bin
./ -auto -embedded -comment "Test Run" 

List of Command Options

  • -auto is to be used for running a load test in auto mode. This option will automatically execute a number of steps including upload of the test suite, starting the test, and download of the test results. It can also be used in combination with the -report option to create a report automatically on completion of the test.

  • -c <commandList> or --commands <commandList> will execute commands in a comma-separated list, in the specified order and then quit. abort, upload,report,start, download are the supported commands that may be used.

  • -comment <string> sets a comment for your test run.

  • -D <property=value> is used for overriding or configuring a property in file.

  • -embedded utilizes a single embedded agent controller. It makes the test run in embedded mode.

  • -faf Usage deprecated. Recommended to use -auto instead.

  • -noDownload to be used with auto mode only. Test results are not downloaded. The option is ignored in sequential/non-interactive mode.

  • -o <dir> stores test results that have been downloaded in the directory specified.

  • --only-download <dataTypeList> restricts download to only the given result data types in a comma-separated list. Applicable for downloads in non-interactive mode only.

  • -pf <file> can be employed to utilize a separate properties file, which overrides the values in file

  • -report will generate a report after downloading test results. It will not be effective in commands mode. It can be used with auto mode using the -auto option to generate a report automatically once the tests are downloaded.

  • sequential is used for running test cases sequentially (one after the other).

  • testPropertiesFile <filename> can be used for specifying properties file for the test-run.

  • timezone <timezoneID> overrides user’s default timezone, while generating a test report.

Last modified March 4, 2022