XTC v48



  • Tables are widely used across XTC. We have started refreshing the table design and behavior. The goal is to make tables denser and replace the endless scroll by paging. Please see the load test table as the first example of the new look and feel. We will gradually rework all tables in the next releases.
  • The section showing your organizations and projects on your home dashboard can now switch between a horizontal and vertical layout.
  • The Members page of your organization now shows the last login time of a member.
  • In order to quickly navigate from a project back to its organization, use the new icon in the left sidebar.
  • When changing your email address, you will now have to specify your XTC password for validation (not needed for SSO-only accounts). After successfully changing the email, XTC will send confirmation emails to the old and the new email address.
  • The changelog is now maintained in the Release Notes section of the XTC documentation. The corresponding link in the page footer has been adjusted accordingly.
  • Various other UI improvements and fixes.

Load Testing

  • The step Start Load Test in the Status view of a load test has been split into two separate steps: Upload Project to Agents and Start Load Test. The benefits are:
    • The runtime of each activity is clearly shown.
    • The actual start time of a load test is now more accurate.
  • By default, load test reports contain certain metadata, such as organization and project (short) name, load test number, etc. In case you don’t want to expose this data in the report, you can now create a custom report without this data. Simply uncheck the Include XTC Metadata option in the New Load Test Report dialog.
  • Various other UI improvements and fixes.
  • Currently available XLT execution environments:
    • XLT 5.x → 5.7.1 (deprecated, will be removed on May 3, 2022)
    • XLT 6.x → 6.2.0 (recommended)
Last modified May 25, 2022