XTC v61


Load Testing

  • If the description (or the evaluation summary) of a load test is more detailed, it won’t fit completely in the load test table, but will be displayed truncated only. Now the full text is shown as a tooltip when hovering over the description with the mouse.
  • When modifying the name or description of a load test right after starting it, XTC sometimes complained that the load test has been modified and the page needs to be reloaded although no other user has modified the load test concurrently. Fixed now.
  • The scenario status chart shows gaps now when there were no scenario status updates due to temporary issues, etc.
  • The data for the scenario status chart is available for a limited period of time only (7 days after the load test has ended). After that time the chart will no longer be displayed as it would be empty anyway.
  • The summary and the rating for a load test can now be specified also in the Edit Details dialog. See the new Quick Rating tab in that dialog.
  • Minor UI enhancements.
  • Currently available XLT execution environments:
Last modified January 30, 2023