XTC v62



XTC now comes with an Audit Log. Use this feature to learn which activity has been performed by which user at which time. The Audit Log page in your organization shows just organization-related activities while the Audit Log page in a project lists activities for that project only. Use the search/filter controls available at the audit log tables to narrow down the list of activities. Entries in the audit log expire automatically after 180 days.

Note that the audit log feature is not complete yet. The activity names and details will be fine-tuned over the next weeks and more activity types will be added.

Load Testing

  • Entries in the Results table of a load test representing “empty” load test results, i.e. results with no measurement data, are now marked with a warning badge on the result icon. It is also no longer possible to create a load test report from such results.
  • The NEW button at the Reports table of a load test is now enabled only if there are indeed valid load test results available to create a report from. Empty results don’t count as valid and will be ignored.
  • Currently available XLT execution environments:
Last modified February 20, 2023