XTC v60



  • It is now possible to remove multiple members from an org or project at once. From the Members table, select the members in question using the respective check boxes and click the new REMOVE button at the top of the table.

Load Testing

  • Filtering the load test table has been enhanced. There are now two alternative ways:
    • By substring: Enter some text to list all load tests containing the text (case ignored) in their name.
    • By number (new): Enter a load test number, such as 12 or #12, to list the load test with that exact number.
  • The Reports table of a load test features a new column showing the number of the result set a report was created from.
  • Project members with the role Reviewer are now able to download a load test report as an archive file.
  • When configuring the load profile for a load test, certain load factor values, such as 2.08 or 2.008, could not be entered. Fixed now.
  • Stability improvements in the load testing back end.
  • Minor UI enhancements.
  • Currently available XLT execution environments:
Last modified January 9, 2023