XTC v64



  • Audit Log
    • The audit logs in your org and projects show even more activities.
    • Many audit events contain more details now.
  • Password security has been improved. New passwords must not be shorter than 12 characters. Existing passwords remain valid, but you are encouraged to update your password to benefit from the enhanced security.
  • Fixed an issue with email addresses not being handled case-insensitively when logging in.

Load Testing

  • The overview chart on the Scenario Status tab of a load test has been improved.
    • It is now possible to enlarge the height of the chart to see more details. Choose the scaling factor that suits you best from the new Scaling Factor select box.
    • The popup that appears when hovering over the chart now displays the active users and the user limit for each scenario even if that scenario is currently deselected in the Scenarios select box.
    • Minor visual improvements.
  • The Machines tab on the Resource Usage page in your organization now also shows the number of load test runs for a certain month, both per project and in total. Note that this new info is available from April 2023 onward, but not retroactively.
  • Currently available XLT execution environments:


  • Fixed an issue in the scenario execution exporter causing the resulting CSV file to contain lines with missing fields.
Last modified April 3, 2023