All about the XLT architecture.


All about mastercontroller, agents, suites, and monitoring if relevant.

  • Test Suite Code and configuration

  • Mastercontroller (MC)

  • Agents -The test executors

  • Deployments

  • Grafana for realtime test information

  • MC is loosely coupled

  • Use another one to interact or continue

  • No reason to stay connected

  • Reattach later to MC and continue work

  • Hand over to colleagues

  • Get intermediate results anytime

  • Run multiple test from one machine

  • Have the test machine somewhere else (Remote MC)

  • No database, results and reports easily archiveable

  • Create reports any time from results

  • Results/reports preserve test setups, repeat test easily

This page is still a work in progress.
Last modified March 4, 2022