WebDav Test Suite

WebDav can be tested with this test suite. It depends on a WebDav XLT-library.


It is possible to load test WebDAV servers with XLT. Therefore we have created a small library that sits on top of XLT and provides the usual WebDAV commands as predefined action classes. Simply compose your test scenarios from these configurable building blocks. The library executes the corresponding WebDAV operations and takes care of gathering all the request/response details and timings.

We also provide a demo WebDAV test suite. It does not only show how to include the library in a test suite project, but also comes with a simple scenario that demonstrates the usage of all available WebDAV actions.

Getting Started

The source code for both the library and the demo test suite is available on Github under the MIT License. If you just want to create test scenarios, simply clone the demo test suite. Unless you need to modify or extend the library, you won’t have to clone it too. If you need to do so nevertheless, please let us know, so all XLT users can benefit from your improvements. Pull request are welcome!

To conveniently try out the demo test suite, the demo application server that ships with XLT has been enabled to act as a WebDAV server. The WebDAV server application is available at http://localhost:8080/webdav/ and https://localhost:8443/webdav/, respectively. In the latter case, make sure to configure your WebDAV client to accept self-signed certificates. In order to get access, you need to provide valid user credentials (use webdav for both username and password). The root directory used by the WebDAV server to serve all the files is located at <xlt>/samples/app-server/data/webdav. If this directory is not present, it will be created automatically.

Last modified March 4, 2022