XTC v35



This release comes with the first bunch of improvements in the UI.

  • The header area has been streamlined. It now features two select boxes to choose the organization and the project you want to view. Click the XTC logo to return to your main dashboard.
  • The navigation links to the sub pages of an organization or project can now be found in the sidebar to the left. Click the hamburger menu button to minimize/expand the sidebar.
  • The XTC version and the Contact/Privacy/Changelog links have been moved to the footer. Expect further UI improvements in the versions to come!

Other Noteworthy Platform Changes

  • The main dashboard page loads much faster now.
  • The server-side session timeout has been increased to eight hours.
  • It is now possible to add multiple users to an organization or project at once. Simply paste a list of e-mail addresses to the e-mail input field in the Add Members dialog. All users will be assigned the same role.

Load Testing

  • Load agent machines now use XLT 5.5.0.
  • When adding a new load test, the load profile of the load test is no longer populated with default values.
  • When building your load test project, Maven will now automatically use https://maven-central-eu.storage-download.googleapis.com/maven2/ as artifact repository, which is a mirror of the Maven Central repository. This improves download times and increases reliability.
  • The New Load Test Report dialog comes with two important improvements:
    • The displayed load test start/end time and duration are now taken from the load test results.
    • The option Excluding ramp-up of x:xx:xx should now show the configured ramp-up time and creating a report with this option enabled should do the right thing.
  • Load test reports for a certain load test can now be created in parallel. No need to wait for a report to be complete before creating another one with different settings.
Last modified May 25, 2022