XTC v43


Load Testing

  • Load test reports or results may have been shared with an individual expiration time, i.e. a time that is different from the default one configured for the project. These shares can now be removed all at once. See the new buttons on the Sharing configuration page of your load testing project.
  • When configuring the machines to use for a freshly created load test, you now have to actively specify how many XLT agents you want to start per machine. There is no default value any longer. However, when duplicating a load test, the setting will be copied from the source load test as usual.
  • When creating a custom load test report, many different options may be configured. The options used are now stored and you can review them later on. Just open the context menu of the report in question and choose Show Settings.
  • Users with the project role Test Manager may now edit the default regular/secret load test properties defined on project level.
  • XTC now uses XLT 5.7.1. to control and execute load tests.
  • Minor UI improvements and fixes.


  • XTC uses strictly necessary cookies only, which are essential for the application to work. To inform all users about this fact, XTC displays a cookie usage information window from time to time.
  • XTC got a dedicated Privacy Policy page.
  • XTC now shows a helpful error message in case a freshly registered user tries to log in before the user has actively confirmed the registration. Minor UI improvements and fixes.
Last modified May 25, 2022