The Dashboard page of loadtest projects and its use.

On entering an XTC loadtest project, you will be presented the Dashboard, which lists the most important load tests and reports as well as a quick overview over recent project activity.

The dashboard of a load test project.

This currently includes:

  • two charts visualizing the state and rating of this project’s load tests and an activity chart showing the number of load tests per day over the last six months,
  • Recent Load Tests, i.e. all load tests that completed within the last 24 hours or, if there were none, the most recent completed load test, and upcoming (i.e. scheduled) load tests,
  • Pinned Load Tests and
  • Pinned Load Test Reports.


Load tests, load test results, and load test reports that are of special interest and worth keeping can be pinned.

  • Pinning an artifact marks it as important. The pin icon makes the artifact stand out and easy to identify.
  • Pinned artifacts cannot be deleted. Note that an unpinned load test with pinned results or reports cannot be deleted either.
  • Pinned load tests and reports are displayed on the project dashboard.

To pin an artifact, navigate to the table containing the artifact (load tests overview/load test results/reports) and select Pin from the context menu. Pinned artifacts can be unpinned from the same context menu.

To pin or unpin artifacts, your account must at least have the role of a tester within the project.

Last modified January 18, 2024