XTC v47



Favorite Projects and Organizations

The User Dashboard is the entry page of XTC. It shows the organizations and projects you are a member of. If you have too many projects and organizations, navigating between them may get tedious. XTC helps you now to focus on your current “working set” of orgs and projects. Simply star an org or project using the star icon to mark it as favorite. You can toggle between your favorite orgs/projects and the full list if needed.


Now you can create new 2FA recovery codes at any time. Use this feature if you lost your recovery codes or used them all up. To create new codes, go to My Account > Security > Two-Factor Authentication, click the button Reset Recovery Codes and follow the instructions. The 2FA setup on your authentication device will not be affected.

Furthermore, the password reset flow has been streamlined and adjusted to industry best practices.

Other Changes

  • Various minor UI improvements and fixes

Load Testing

  • Currently available XLT execution environments
    • XLT 5.x → 5.7.1 (deprecated, will be removed on May 3, 2022)
    • XLT 6.x → 6.1.0 (recommended)
  • Sorting load tests by Start Date or Execution State was broken and now works as expected again
  • Various minor UI improvements and fixes


The online documentation has moved to the new documentation portal docs.xceptance.com. In addition, the documentation of XLT and XTC has been split. The navigation is now more convenient.

A new section in the XTC documentation describes how to configure optional access requirements, such as using 2FA or an external SSO account, for your organization.

Last modified May 25, 2022